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Q4. I have very sensitive ears and am allergic to most earrings, what should I do??   
Is there any way to prevent the allergic reactions?

A4.  All our earrings hook/post are lead-safe anti-allergic materials.  To further prevent reactions, clean your
earrings every time after you use them.  If you still get allergic reactions, then you should only wear earrings
hooks/posts that made by sterling silver or 14k gold to prevent allergic reactions.  We have sterling silver french
hooks/posts available just for you.  Just go to the Ear Wires page to choose the wires that you like and
use the Contact Us page to email us to specify which earrings you want to change to.
Q5.  Why are your Swarovski & Sterling Silver a lot cheaper than the ones in-store?

A5.  First of all, we don’t use a physical store to sell our products.  Meaning, we can save on a lot of  “physical store”
expenses and fees to provide you the same quality but lower price.  Second, the jewelry is directly designed and
sold by our own local artists, so we can save a lot by cutting out the middle dealers.  Enjoy the beauty of  Swarovski Crystal
and Sterling Silver with us!